How to get there Flights

Most people fly on Faro, less than an hour’s drive away. From Great Britain, there are numerous flights all year round. Easy-Jet flies from Gatwick, Stansted, , Bristol, East Midlands and Luton; Ryanair flies from Dublin; British Airways from Gatwick; EU-Jet from Kent; Tap Air Portugal from Heathrow; Flybe from Exeter; Monarch from Gatwick, Manchester and Luton; MyTravelLite from Birmingham during the summer; BMI Baby from East Midlands and Cardiff. There are, of course, also plenty flights to Lisbon, from where it takes about two and a half hours to reach Silves by road. You may also travel by train or coach from London, which will take a lot longer but allow you to see more of the countryside and is ecologically sensitive. Try for coaches to Faro, or for international train information.

By Car
To fully enjoy the Algarve, we strongly recommend that you hire a car. Public transport is minimal and is limited to the towns and villages. There is no public transport to Brejeira, and even if there are always ways to get to us, by taxi, or with a lift from one of us, distances to the populated world are too big to be done by foot. So you’re pretty “stuck”to Brejeira, be aware of this.

*Coming from the A22, take the Silves exit. Keep following Silves until, after having passed under a tunnel, you see Silves majestically lying on your left hand side. Take the road to your left that goes over a bridge into Silves, and ends at the traffic lights, where you can only turn left or right. Turn right. From here, you can also follow the signs saying “Quinta Pedagógica”. Follow this road till you reach the roundabout (you will pass the Lidl on your left hand), where you take the second exit to “cemeterio”…

*Coming from São Bartolomeu de Messines, follow signs to Silves. When you enter Silves over a narrow bridge into a residential quarter, you will soon see a Galp fuel station on your right hand side. Keep following the road till the roundabout, where you take the first exit to your right saying “cemeterio”…

…you then very soon either take the first road on your right, passing the Tribunal (big building) on your right, followed by another white building (the Centro de Saúde), also on your right, then a pink-orangey building on your left. At the end, go left, and right again. Or you take the second road to your right from the roundabout, passing between the cemetery and the supermarket Mini Preço. There is a small sign saying “Quinta Pedagogica”, to where you need to head. At the crossroad, go right. On your left, you pass a couple of small abandonned football fields; on your right, an orange-pink building followed by a residential quarter. Keep following this road out of Silves into the hills of the countryside, past an old wind-mill on a hill on your left. After about five or ten minutes (depending how fast you drive), you pass a snack bar (Terinha, Para e Fica) on your left hand, then the road rises. Continue on until, after about 10-15 minutes, you pass the Quinta Pedagógica on your right hand side. From here, it’s about 1 km till you take the first road on your left, over a small bridge, which becomes a dirt road climbing up the hill. At the top, continue straight on through crossroad (Careful! It isn’t a very clear crossroads!). From here, you can also follow the red-white signs of the Via Algarviana hiking trail. If you soon see a small artificial lake and a farm on your left, you are still going the right way. Soon after this farm, the road splits in a Y (the road to the farm is private and does not count!). Take the right hand path going down, again following the Via Algarviana signs (and take a look at the spectacular view over Monchique). Then take the first path on your left (on your right is a precipice). It may look steep, yet it is only a short road and easily done in all types of cars, nice and slow in first gear. At the top, you have arrived, welcome! It may be that we are busy somewhere, honk a few times if you see no one, so that we know you are there.

By public transport:
*From Faro: From Faro airport there are buses to the central bus station of Faro. With the sea on your left a short journey takes you to the train station. There, you can catch a train to Silves, a nice way to see real Portugal. You will arrive in Estação Silves, which is in fact a village next to the town of Silves. From there, there are buses to Silves, or, for the energetic among you, you could consider walking: it will take you about fifteen to twenty minutes.

*From Lisbon: There are coaches to Silves three to four times daily, leaving from bus station Sete Rios. For timetables and prices, go to Alternatively, you could take a fast train to Tunes, from where you change trains to Silves. Go to for more information on trains to and in the Algarve.

*From Silves: In Silves, there are taxis waiting on the riverfront, in front of the big parking lot and the municipal swimming pool. There, you can catch a cab to Eco-lodge Brejeira (though make sure you take the description on how to get there by car with you; they will not know how to find it!). Alternatively, get in touch with us beforehand, so we can arrange transport for you at a small pick-up fee.