Brejeira and her inhabitants. Once upon a time, two dreamers dreamt of peace, nature and freedom. They jumped into a van and drove to the south, in search of their dream. On their path they found Brejeira, who captured them with her wide view and embraced them in her 6 ha green arms. That is where the adventure started. In the beginning, there was nothing: no water or electricity, no house. Only the mere silence and the great and sometimes unpredictable nature with her inhabitants. Filled with vigour, yet with little means, the dreamers tackled the work. Slowly but surely, with sack loads of  patience and litres of blood, sweat and tears, each stone of their dream was carefully laid. And thus grew the result of both their dedication and inspiration: Brejeira, an alternative eco-lodge. Nature comes first. To spare her, an ecological path has been chosen. Electricity is provided by sun and wind, water by our own source. Toilets, too, are ecological, the content of which ends on the compost heap, to later feed the biological vegetable garden. We try to use environmentally friendly products wherever possible and separate all waste. We strongly encourage guests to do likewise. Most of the furniture and other items have come from flea markets or second-hand shops from the area and have been given a second life on Brejeira. A small, open, straw bale building serves as a central area. It is here that we will welcome you with a drink, if weather allows, while the impact of the wide view can slowly penetrate you. Those looking for family brejeira2014comfort in a jacket of simplicity, wishing to feel nature’s breath tickling their neck, who would like to get to know the south of Portugal in a unique and sportive way and leave as small a footprint behind as possible; they will, like the dreamers, be embraced by Brejeira and have the feeling that they have come home, to themselves and the beautiful simplicity of life. The dreamers, that’s us, Sander and Claire. Sander is a carpenter, but also an all-round handy-man, from electrician to plumber to plasterer, in short: the foundation of Brejeira. Claire, in some far away past a social anthropologist now converted to building-helper and vegetable- grower, runs the business. Since June 2009, Brejeira counts a tough inhabitant: Ayla. In March 2011, the family has been extended by a brand-new, sturdy member: Ravi. And luckily, we have Moelie and Zola, our two very faithful and very sweet female dogs, to guard the whole land and especially to give and receive a lot of cuddles. They enjoy all freedom, yet can, on request and at certain times, be tied up. However, those who do not like dogs will probably enjoy their holidays more somewhere else.